Run + Lunch = Runch: A Great Way to Get Your Workouts In Midday

Runch (running during lunch) has enabled me to get multiple workouts in during my day. Runching can provide much needed energy during the time of day that your body naturally slows down. A midday runch is a wonderful stress reliever and due to the euphoric feeling many experience after running, it will likely leave you happier than when you started. With most people working during the day, often in an office setting, runching may seem difficult to accomplish but with a little prep work, you’ll be soon be able to swap your boring lunch for a power-packed runch.

Schedule your runch. If you work in a fast-paced or demanding job, you might find it difficult to get away for a lunch at all,  let alone a runch. Your scheduled workout is an appointment with yourself and therefore a very important meeting that you can’t afford to miss. Make sure that you block out your calendar for your runch. Make an an actual appointment on your calendar and make it re-occurring in whatever frequency workspexels-photo-295826.jpeg

best for you. You may want to mark the appointment private if your work calendar is visible to your coworkers. Scheduling runch on your calendar will ensure that you won’t be overbooked and pulled into something at work during that. Over time, your co-workers will understand that your are busy at that time and will be less likely to schedule meetings and projects that conflict with your ability to runch.


Anticipate and prepare for issues. Bring in a spare set of workout clothes to keep at your desk. Even if you packed your gym clothes the night before, things happen and they may not make it with you to work. Now you have a complete back up for those hectic days. Most of the time, I realize that I left my sports bra or forgot my workout hijab. So even when you take one or two items from your stash,  make sure your replenish your clothes weekly. Bring in a old or cheap pair of running shoes to leave under your desk (if you opt for an old pair of shoes, don’t make the mistake of leaving them in your drawer! Ufff!!). Bring in your post and pre-workout solutions or chews and leave them in your drawer or cabinet. Don’t forget to replenish them periodically.

Stay fresh and dry at work. If you office is like mine, you don’t have a place to shower after your runch. Make sure you bring post run supplies to stay fresh and dry. I use a shower-shower-head-water-drop-of-water-161502.jpegproduct called, Shower Pill, a thick, disposable body wipe that removes dirt, sweat and odor. This wipe is also refreshing and cooling which I like because I sweat heavily. Even after drying off and cleansing with a wipe, I still continue to sweat. I have found that using antiperspirant in areas in addition to my underarms reduce my perspiration. I use antiperspirant under my bra area, my groin or upper thighs (especially if wearing a skirt), backs of knees and even my feet.  Use it any place where your skin meets or your tend to perspire.

Stay flexible. Even with the best planning and intentions, things can happen that cause you to miss your runch. Don’t give up. Try to reschedule for another time or another day. May sure that you continue to make your a priority and continue to keep your appointments with yourself. Eventually, you’ll make it look so effortless that you’ll have everyone in your office runching too!

Note: Even though my runches started as a way for me to get my run in during the day and still workout in the evenings doing something else, I now also use runch time to get in yoga, weights, biking, spinning or swimming. While “yunch” and “wunch” sounds just as fun, I think I’ll stick with runch.

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